Day 1 – Into the Woods for Autumn Color, Almost

1I went out looking for some autumn pictures but there was something about the overcast light that didn’t do justice to the colors flaring at me from all sides. So I wandered around in the woods pouting and feeling sorry for myself when I came across this wind-felled tree and thought, “ Holy shit…this is cool. Screw the autumn leaves…I’m taking a picture of this.”

BTW, I reserve the right during this project to change my mind on the spur of the moment when I go out to get a specific pictures. But, since neither the two of you will know what I’m setting out to immortalize anyway there’s no point in mentioning this.

The first thing that caught my eye (and I just finished reading a book about photography, so I know what I’m talking about) was the vertical V rhythm created by the trees in the background broken by the skewed horizontals in the foreground.

In short, it looked interesting.

But a second thought occurred to me: would those rhythms be even more pronounced if these woods suddenly lost all their color and turned black and white? I believe there’s B&W preview mode somewhere on my Canon 5D2, but I think that might have just been a rumor in that book about photography I read. So I had to wait until I got home and stick this baby into Lightroom.

And so I did. And I really can’t make up my mind. I like them both. But, no, I think I like the B&W one better. It has more character. More texture. More allure. But, my dear two readers, I’ll let you have the final judgment. I’m just that kinda guy. But, then, Microsoft set in and won’t let me upload the color file because, suddenly , I don’t have administrator rights to post it. Do either of you hate MS more than I do?

1 thought on “Day 1 – Into the Woods for Autumn Color, Almost

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