Day 2 – Monkey Trees and a Battery Sale

So…it was a dark and spooky night. Even without a full moon…in which case I would have cried the whole time, being a big baby and all. But, it was only a half moon which makes it just half spooky, though, yes…darker. Before I left home, I set everything up…camera settings, flash power (Which I wish I’d known about that a couple of weeks ago while shooting at Killarney Lake. Why does everything have to be so damned complicated?) (And here endeth the rant.), tested the transceiver, put the camera on the tripod and a bunch of other shit.

Well, I got there and, as above, it was bloody dark, and I could hear things slithering and crawling and drooling and saying, “Mommy, can we eat the crazy bald guy?”

“Only if he falls and knocks himself out, dears.”

OK…maybe I cried a little bit.

I set my camera-loaded tripod up with just enough light from the half moon to make sure that it was level. Then I set up the flash and took a picture with the remote.

Nothing happened. No flash. I was counting on that flash to scare away the creepy crawly things that wanted to eat me. I suddenly felt very much alone. Very vulnerable. Very edible.

Through the panic, I thought. What’s wrong here? Maybe it’s the batteries in the transceivers…the ones that you left on since the last time you used them. So I packed up everything. Stopped for a bit to bang my head into a tree and put another wound right beside one I got the last time I was in the woods. Hey, night before last, I cut my little finger…the one that accidentally presses the Send key before you’re ready to send a message and FB. And right after that…I cut my thumb.

I get these things in pairs.

My mother used to say that things come in threes. No, Mom…they come in pairs.

So…where was I? Oh yeah…at the Stuperstore buying batteries. I stood in the entrance where there was lots of light so that I could see what I was doing as I opened the battery compartments on the transceivers. Which was about the time I noticed that the one on the flash was already opened. I closed it and tried the off-camera flash and it worked.


At least the batteries were on sale, so I saved some money at some time in the future.

I drove back to the monkey trees and set things up and got the picture you see here. It’s not entirely in focus, but it was the best shot I got (And yeah, I might take more than one image each day…but I will take a picture every day and post the best one here.)

I’m going to go back there and get this image right. But not as part of this project. And I will take mace for those little bastards that want to eat me.

Monkey Trees

Lesson learned: If you’re going to shoot in the dark…don’t leave your flashlight at home.

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