Day 3 – Caboose (Again)

Train 2

OK…so…I’ve taken this picture before. But I was really happy with it. I mean, it had more clouds in the background and the beauty of those clouds distracted from the beauty of this retire caboose. So I had to take the picture again and this one month challenge I’ve cursed myself with because it’s going to rule my life until the end of this month just seemed like the right time to do this one again.

What drew me to this picture in the first place wasn’t just the beauty of this magnificent creation of forgotten days of travel in the Fredericton area thanks to Brian Mulroney (who I hated for many years until he came down on that guy who’s driving Canada into the ground and selling us out the China). It was the memories it provoke of my youth in Winnipeg (Yes, I was young once.) (I think.) Winnipeg is where trains from the East connect with the West. It’s where Western Canada meets Eastern Canada.

Which is pretty damn cool. Except winters in Winnipeg are hell multiplied by all the stars in the universe. They have an intersection there where the wind would go down two streets and the temperature in that intersection would drop from minus 30 to minus 60 almost instantly. A few people froze to death. But it’s all glassed in now. So, if you want to visit Winnipeg and stand for a while at that intersection…go ahead. You won’t freeze to death. But…you might get mugged.

Dress in rags and you’ll be fine.

BTW…if you’re in Winnipeg (both of you) tell Floyd that Biff says hello. He was head of the street gang I was in when I lived there. Cool guy. Had a wave in his hair held in place by 50 pounds of Brylcream (sp?). Women would run their hands through his hair and be stuck there for hours. Great way to meet chicks…and keep them around for a few hours.

Now, about the image. It’s HDR. High Dynamic Range. You take one picture under exposed, one at the right exposure and one over exposed. That way you capture the highlights, the mid tones and the shadows…all equally. What a cool concept, eh? (Oops…now both of you know I’m Canadian. You eat salads with chicken on them. I eat salads with beaver meat. That’s the only difference between us. At least I think that’s the way it works out in Timbuktu. Do you have chickens there?)

Oh yeah, back to the picture.

It was taken on a sunny day.

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