Day 4 – Vertical Stuff (And No Spiders)

The last time I took a picture under this bridge there was a spider web in the lower left corner that everyone loved. But they weren’t all that impressed with the awesome capture of the bridge. All they were interested in was the web.

I’ve hated spiders ever since.

This time there’s no web, so the two of you have to look at the bridge. And here’s the story…

It was a cool and semi-foggy mid-morning in Freddie Beach and I’d just taken a few hundred empty wine bottles to the recyclers. About a month’s worth. (I’m going miss those bottles. We had great times together.) At home, I looked at my list of image ideas while I’m doing this month long challenge. One of the ideas was verticals. Just…verticals. And I wondered what the hell I was thinking about when I wrote just verticals. After 52 seconds of deep thought it occurred to me that this was one of the exercises in a book I’d read about photography. Go out and shoot vertical lines, things that go up and down.

I thought about this and almost immediately it came to mind: the bridge. All those columns. And they’d just cut down the bushes along the path under the bridge.

No spiders.

I grabbed my tripod and camera bag and set out into the dark and stormy Freddie Beach drizzle. Yep, it was wet. And there was semi-fog. But no spiders.

I walked around bit, looking at the columns from different angles, bending down, standing up, turning sideways and looking, scratching my head and looking. I don’t like to rush into these things. Even when I get weird looks from people passing by.

I found the perfect angle and took a couple of test shots. Everything was looking good. I fine-tuned my settings, exposing just a bit to the right on the histogram so as not to lose details in the shadows. Honestly, though, I’ve never noticed that this made much of a difference. Maybe if you’re printing billboards.

I took a few shots and they looked OK. Nothing stunning. I tried to think what I was doing wrong. I could see the mood with my eyes, but I wasn’t translating that through the lens. I was going for ancient underground city with a river flowing through it verticals. But it was just beyond reach…there…but not there…maybe the light, the composition, the angle?

That was it. The angle. Not the angle of the bridge, though. The angle of the camera. I turned the camera from landscape to portrait. After all, I was going for verticals.

I took just one shot. And I knew that I had it. Ancient underground city with a river flowing through it verticals.They’re both here. What do the two of you think?

Bridge Bridge 2

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