Day 6 – The Turning of the Crank and Hungover


The weather around here really sucks. Especially on the weekends (last week being the only exception in recorded history) So it wasn’t surprising to wake up this morning, look out the window and see a whole lot of blah bouncing off my eyeballs.

The hangover didn’t help.

It looked like one of those depressing days,,,gray, drizzly, depressing, life-sucking day. A good day to have a hangover and head right back to bed. But that wasn’t an option. You see, I started this challenge thing and I knew I was going to be busy from the afternoon into the wee hours, so I had to drag my hangover into the shower and drag my ass and camera out the door and head out into the miserably-weathered world to take a picture.

I hope the two of you appreciate this.

I had to go to the studio later on to meet with a bunch of crazy artists and writers about a collaboration I’ll be talking about later, so I figured…take some pictures at the studio, like texture, form, contrast…these are all on my list and we’ve got lots of that shit at the studio.

When I got to the studio I was faced with a 3’ by 3’ black and white print of me (looking like three Grand Canyons had collided in my face) surrounded by105 drawings of personal demons. Just what my hangover needed.

I took a picture out of Dana O’Reagan’s section of the studio. I was thinking of framing the spire at the top of the building across the street with the arched window. Old spire, old window. Seemed appropriate. But it didn’t really turn my crank. I wandered around the studio looking for a crank turner but nothing was doing it.

So I wandered into the street below and started taking pictures of random objects, looking for anything that would make me forget my hangover for just three seconds. There was something about two bright orange-leaved trees down the street surrounded by green leaves that caught my attention. Even the shitty light couldn’t detract from these two beauties. It finally dawned on me that the colors and the general location reminded me of autumn in Toronto (my hometown). Right downtown. Around the university.

I wandered over and took some pics from across the street, waiting for passing cars to get out of the way. And what the hell were all those cars doing downtown in Freddie Beach on a Sunday morning? A red light came up and the cars started lining up in the field of sight of my crank turning image. A silver SUV stopped so that its ass end was about a third into my composition. But there was something about it that looked kind of cool. I took the picture and looked in the viewer. I had my crank turner.

After meeting with the crazy artists and writers, I was walking down the stairs and looked out a window onto a really depressing scene. It looked like the armpits of a slum. I was about halfway home when I did a U-turn and went back to the studio, up the stairs and took a picture of the slums through a screened window. This was, like, full frontal crank turning.

I’ve posted both of the crank turners. I know, a picture a day, but this is my challenge and my blog and I’ll just do whatever I want…except miss a day.

Lesson learned: Sure fire cure for a hangover: run three miles in the rain while drinking half a bottle of Gatorade. Then sleep for ten days.

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