Day 13 – Quarry

I’ve passed by this place maybe 294,435.5 times and I thought over and over, “Gotta get my ass up here with my camera and just wander around in this quarry and take 294, 435.5 pictures…one for every time I said I’d do that but didn’t.

What I saw from the road was a wall of rock, but I knew there’d be some more interesting stuff once I got in there and started seeing the place though my camera. It’s a different world when you’re looking through a viewfinder and burrowing into what you think will define the essence of a place.

There was a mini lake in the center of the quarry. That was worth about ten pictures. The rock walls, another 20 or so. Took a picture of my feet when I stepped into a marshy area and pulled my foot out of a mess of muck. Which rhymes with what I said.Nothing was turning the crank. It was all just rock and water. So I stood in one spot and did a 3-60 stopping a second or so as I turned until something grabbed my eye. I wasn’t sure what it was so I started to walk toward the area interest with my eye to the viewer. I stopped this when I stepped into more much and used some more creative language.

A few seconds later, I saw what it was that made some kind of contact with the back of my mind where we store whatever it is that sees things beyond our eyes.

It was a tree growing out of the rock.


How the hell do they do that?

BTW…I ate turnips today. Turnips.

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