Day 14 – The Conservation Area and Snoozing on Logs

My friend, Tan, had to get her car worked on by my favorite mechanic, Francis. I told Tan about the conservation area where I’d been the day before and about the wild spiritual experience it is to walk through it. So I tagged along to Francis’ place and then we went to the conservation area.

It was a sunny warm Thanksgiving morning and the area we walked into was like magic…long grass surrounding two small marshes and one large lake-like marsh with eagles gliding in the air, berries everywhere and a tree and bush surrounded path leading around the second marshland like a leafy corridor. Tan immediately headed into the corridor looking for adventure while I took a few pictures before following.

Tan came across a manhole cover and danced on it. She was getting very spiritual. I was getting very worried.

We heard lions growling in the distance. But that might have been a truck.

Or lions.

We came to a place with a long dead tree lying by a channel of water and Tan immediately lay down on it and went to sleep. Did I mention that she was getting spiritual?

I tried out different lenses taking pictures of the vegetation reflected in the channel water. As I did this, I began zeroing in on the macro world whose billions of seeds, leaves, bubbles, reflections, grass blades, purple berries, bees, dragon flies and snakes and frogs all merged into one huge life form of breathtaking beauty. I thought about how the whole world used to be like this before we put malls and highways over most of it, how we ripped magical places like this off the earth in our search for resources that we’re told we need by people who lie to us to fill their coffers.

Tan woke up and said, “Your thoughts about the world a bumming out my dreams, Biff. Lay down on the log and go to sleep.”

Which, of course, I did…not being one to argue with someone who dances on manhole covers.

We slept for three days, marshland time, said goodbye to our favorite dragon flies and made our way back to the car, carrying our Tim Horton’s cups out with us.

I wish everyone would do that.

Marsh 3 Marsh 4 Marsh 2 Marsh 1

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