Day 25 – Marilyn Mazerolle (A Portrait)


I love this woman.

And if either of you have met her…you love her too. I have never met such a free spirit. A human being with the child inside so much alive and so fascinated with everything around her. She was a hippie. Yes…a hippie.

And she’s an amazing artist. Just look at the color and beauty around her. This is her work. She’s the heart and soul of the Fredericton Arts Building (which is fast becoming that again). Her color permeates the building with her paintings on the walls, in the washrooms, in the halls…and her studio…her studio. It’s like walking into the definition of color. The essence of that which tickles the eye.

For a while the building was inundated by ironing boards that she’d painted and hung up everywhere…even the washrooms.

Ironing boards.

How cool is that?

I think I finally got Marilyn right. A picture I can put on my photography website…which I’m really picky about to the point where I have to take pictures of people I’ve captured so many times…but never got it right.

But this is Marilyn. This is who and what she is. An artist. A beautiful human being. And still a hippie.

I love this woman.

And if you haven’t met her…visit her at 384 Queen Street. If she’s not there. Come back another time. And keep coming back. When you finally meet her…I guarantee…you’ll love her.

2 thoughts on “Day 25 – Marilyn Mazerolle (A Portrait)

  1. I LOVE Marilyn Mazerolle”s art, especially painted kaleidoscopic skies. I wish I could see more of her, very hard to find.

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