Day 27 – Getting It Right

There’s a place on the old highway between Fredericton and Oromocto that I’ve passed for years and thought…someday I’ll take a picture of that.


And no picture. Well, today I changed that. I was supposed to take pictures of a metal band but the weather put the kibosh on that. I wanted to use one of those images for today’s blog posting. So there I was, all photo digitalized and no where to click.

Sad photographer wept while holding camera lovingly in hand, saying, “What, oh what, am I going to do with you today?”

To which the camera replied, “Think, Biff, think.”

To which I replied, “Wait a minute! You mean…?”

“That’s it, Biff. It’s time. Go there. Take me with you. Let’s do some kick ass picture taking.”

Twenty minutes later I was standing by the side of the road gazing over a slice of pure New Brunswick beauty. To my right I could hear people singing in a wooden church with cars parked all around it. To my left the fox nodded his head approvingly. I wish he hadn’t been smiling though. Fox smiles are anything but pretty. All those sharp teeth.

I walked around a bit, checking out the landscape, trying to find the best angle, and I found a place leading into the field in front of me and walked into it. It was like walking into a picture with field after field rolling into a distant tree line. It was overcast, but the sky gave the autumn colors a kind of muted grandeur.

I shot off a few pics in different locations and thought, “That’s it. Got it. Going home to see these on the big screen.”

The camera said, “Maybe you should hang around a little longer, Biff and try some different settings. I have a feeling something’s wrong.”

“No, Camera,” I said. “Got what I need. Time to go home.”

The fox shook his head disapprovingly.

Back home, I uploaded the images to Lightroom and said…


I wasn’t paying attention to my shutter speed. It was too slow. I had nothing but crap. Fuzzy crap.

But, listen, both of you…I was very brave about it. I didn’t cry or swear or curse the day I was born. I said, “Camera…you were right and I was wrong. Let’s go back there and get it right this time.” And there was something in those images that made me think about the shots I really wanted to get.

My camera smiled. Another thing you don’t ever want to see.

Back at the location, I walked into the field and…nothing. Whatever I’d seen in those fuzzy low shutter speed images wasn’t there. I looked around and couldn’t see it. It wasn’t there anymore. Or was it? I looked again at the scene I was shooting and realized that it probably was one of those places that look good when you’re there, but might not make a good picture.

So I looked back toward the road, and remembered. I’d taken an initial shot of the fields from the roadside, with some leaves in the foreground. I went back to the roadside and started scouting. And there it was…all along the roadside. Autumn leaves, bushes and branches. And I had my ultra wide angle lens on the camera.

Most of the fauna was in a deep ditch. A steep deep ditch. With water in it. Got my feet wet again. But got up close and personal with the fauna. Close and personal with my ultra lens.

And today I’m posting three images. It’s my blog and I can do that.

Lesson learned: Listen to the back of your head. Listen to sage advice from your camera and the fox…but look ever look at them when they’re smiling.

Lincoln-4 Lincoln-3 Lincoln

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