Who Is Will’s Father?

Went to a bring-your-own-food-and-share-it party at Lloyd Salomine’s place on Saturday. It was a small crowd of artists, writers and film makers. Mostly artists. Lloyd’s place is so perfect for these get-togethers. I’ll take pictures of the place next time so that you can see what I mean. Like, low lights, art, a hallway that should be a bowling alley. Art on the walls, records…vinyl records…mood. His place permeates art.

“Sounds like a perfect place to discuss art, ” said the fox.

“Nope…we talk about just about everything else, fox,” said I. “Like the condition of the world and what we can do about it through our art.”

Biff reflects on what he’s just said.

“OK, fox…we talk art. The practical application of it.”

“Told ya,” said the fox.

“Fuck off , fox.”

So, at one point, Caine (with whom I share a studio) and Tara (with whom Caine and I share a studio) are at the far end of the bowling alley, and for some reason, wondering who William Forrestall’s father’s name is. They’re both consummate artists, but what’s his father’s name? We went through the alphabet. We tried situational remembrance positioning. We prayed to the gods for the answer. We counted sheep. We scoured phone books. Searched the web. Sacrificed three sheep. But we couldn’t find the answer.

It was hopeless. Alcohol could have had something to do with this, but we weren’t in a judgmental frame of thought. We were just caught up in an existential moment of not-remembering. And I’m sure the two of you can understand this.

So…we slapped each other on the heads…Zen style or maybe more like Three Stooges style…and waited for the Porridge of All to contact us.

That happened around the time that Tara saw a poster on the wall that was there the whole time we pondered and killed sheep. This is the poster beside us as we Three-Stooge-slapped madly….


Go figure.

And here are the people…

Caine (artist)


Dawn (artist)


Michael (artist)


Marilyn (artist…with a passion at the moment)


Josephine (writer)


Dawn (again because she’s so much prettier than Michael)


Tara (artist)


Llyod (film maker and writer)


And no pictures of me. (Writer and photographer)

Lesson learned: If the mind fails you, look around outside the mind.

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