Lookit Me In Snow Shoes….

Snowshoes So…there they were on my feet and the fox said:

“Why don’t you go into the woods and take some pictures, Biff.”

“Good idea, fox,” I said. “I think I’ll do just that.”

So I went for a walk in the woods. And I saw this… Snowshoes-25 And this… Snowshoes-22 And I started thinking…it’s kinda pretty out here with the snow and the trees. In the city, you don’t see something like this… Snowshoes-19 Or this… Snowshoes-17 And definitely not this… Snowshoes-14 “Sure looks pretty, Biff,” said the fox. But I thought you hated winter.”

“Well, things are different now, fox,” I said. “I have snow shoes now. And I can take pictures of things like this…” Snowshoes-19 And this… Snowshoes-13 Saw two really big deer, but they saw me first and obviously didn’t want their portraits done. Maybe if I’d had an apple with me they would have smelled the apple and wanted their portraits done. But I didn’t have an apple and they must have thought I was just some scary bald guy with a camera. And then I came across a stream in the woods…

And the stream said, “Hey Biff…you can take my portrait. And you don’t even have to bribe me with an apple.”

So I went all portrait on the stream… Snowshoes-9 I guess it was about this time that I started realizing something odd.

“That streams don’t eat apples, Biff?” said the fox.

“Everybody knows that.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be hibernating or something?”

“I’m a fox, not a bear,” said the fox.

So…as I was thinking…

“Winter?” Snowshoes-2 “Yes, Biff? said Winter.

I love you. Snowshoes-26 “What are you laughing at, fox?”

“Everybody knows that streams don’t eat apples.”

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