How Abourt Some Desktop Art?

Got a desktop? Got Paint or another graphics program? (You can download Paint.NET. Great program and it’s free.)  Yes? Good. Time for some desktop art. It’s easy. Just open a program of some sort and then open an image of some sort on your some sort of desktop background and do a print screen Copy the print into your graphics program (Did I mention the Paint.NET is free?) and crop it. Voila! Desktop art. And here’s the world’s first desktop art

Desktop Art

The background is a picture of water I took in Veradero. The program contains a page from one of my blogs. The picture is a piece I did as part of an Emerge Artist’s Collective showing last year at the McCain Gallery in Florenceville.

Now you try it. Show as much desktop as you want. Use as many programs and images as you want. Any arrangement, color combination, composition…it’s all yours.

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