The Five Day Art Challenge and Why the Living Like To Be Dead


(I was recently challenged by artist Deanna Musgrave to participate in a five day art challenge in which I have to post three pieces of art each day on Facebook. Today I posted three of my walking dead images. Here’s the posting.)

Day 3 of the challenge to post three pieces or art a day for five days. Today’s theme is When Live People Pretend to Be Dead and Why the Hell Do They Do It?

There’s something about the whole zombie/walking dead phenomena that grabs me by the nose and pulls me in, especially the zombie walks held in late summer and the zombie runs held at the end of fall.  I think it’s the perverse energy surrounding these macabre events that cranks me. When the living take on the guise of the dead and really get into it, they create an intensely disturbing aura of angst.


We live in a world where feelings of threat lie just under the fabric of our daily lives. It’s an existential threat behind the headlines of terror, disease, war and climate failure…something we can’t see, but we feel it’s uncanny presence.

The walkers, for an hour or two, embrace the dread…they become the dread under their skin and revel in it. And having walked, they return to our community of fate a little more at ease with all those terrible things behind the curtain.


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