Killarney Lake in Winter

So…I put my camera case and backpack with writing implements (on my way to Read’s Coffee Shop to work on my next novel) and looked around. It snowed last night and followed up with freezing rain, but there was no wind and the snow and ice were already beginning to melt. It felt like a day in March, when winter is gearing down, making ready for balmy Spring breezes. I thought, Biff, you need to drive out to Killarney Lake and take some pictures. You might not get a day like this until March.

So I drove to the lake. I got out of my beautiful blue Kia Soul, walked to the back, opened the hatch and laid hands upon my beautiful gray LowePro camera case, opened it and removed my beloved beautiful black Canon 5D2 with it’s beautiful sort-of-gray Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 lens, kissed both the camera and lens (kissed the Soul because it was getting jealous) (kissed the camera case because it was getting jealous…but had to unstick my lips from the Soul, which was surprisingly cold for such a balmy Spring March in December) and that’s when a very cold, bone chilling, arctic frigid wind whipped right out of the atmosphere and spread freezing havoc across the land.

I had no choice but to say, “Fuck you, bone chilling wind…I’m here and I’m taking pictures.”

So I cleaned my lens with my beautiful black micro cloth (and kissed it after it said, “Hey Biff, you’ve kissed everything else in this damn car, including the car. Where’s mine?” And then I set off into the woods to take a few yummy pictures.

The wind pushed a couple of trees my way, but I’ve had lots of experience in ducking falling trees, so, no problemo. I walked for a few minutes, ducking trees, when it occurred to me that I wasn’t getting any of that Killarney Lake magic. I hadn’t taken a single picture and I was beginning to think that the wind was blowing the magic away. I yelled, “Hey wind…you suck.” Almost as soon as the words left my frosted lips (decided not to kiss anything more for the rest of the day), I saw something interesting. It was in a tree in front of a bench put there to admire the view across the lake. It didn’t make any sense. It was something that maybe shouldn’t have been there but, as I approached it, it started to make sense.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest.


Yep, someone’s Christmas tree. Maybe the rabbits. Maybe the bears. Maybe the deer. Maybe Santa Claus.

Took a few pics and continued. Ducked a few more trees and came to this place.


Saw a lonely, snow-befallen park bench…


And finished up at the frog pond and the bridge…



By now, there were wads of ice dangling from my eyes, so I figured it was time to call it a photo shoot and head for warmth and coffee. First, though, I had to top it off: I blew a kiss to that fucking wind.

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