Write a Novel this Year


This is a two day weekend workshop designed to get you started writing your first novel. You’ll learn how to conceive an idea, shape and develop it and flesh it out into a full story. You’ll learn how to develop memorable characters, realistic settings and compelling plots. No experience is necessary…just your time and enthusiasm. You’ll also receive a free publisher/agent search kit and other tools that will help you find a publisher.

Based on over a decade of teaching workshops with the Maritime Writers Workshop and the UNB College of Extended Learning, the step-by-step approach taught in this workshop will ease you into the novel-writing process and show you how to keep the writing up until your novel is finished no matter how busy you are.

Date: February 9 – 10
Hours: 10 am to 1 pm (both days)
Fee: $95
Location: Studio4Ward, 184 Queen Street
Instructor: Biff Mitchell (www.biffmitchell.com)
For more info or to register, email: biff@biffmitchell.com