Another Side to a Publisher: Deron Douglas from Double Dragon Publishing


It was around 2008 that Deron published two of my Boson Jonson mysteries (Murder by Burger and Murder by Art). They immediately shot up on the NY Times bestseller lists and were made into movies the following year.

Oh, wait a minute…that was the dream. They didn’t do nearly as well as that, but Deron went on to publish three more of my novels with the expectation that they would eventually start selling staggering quantities. That hasn’t happened yet, but it’s only been eleven years. What impresses me is that Deron knows good writing and stands by it even when the reading public refuses to cooperate.

I mentioned that Deron is also an artist. I recently learned that his art goes beyond cover art for books, he’s also an accomplished Kanien’kehá:ka figurative artist who works in oils on canvas under the name Deron Ahsén:nase Douglas. Check out his website at You’ll be impressed.

BTW, Deron created the cover shown above for one of the Twisted Tails anthologies.

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