Getting Published in 2011

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Yes,  much has changed in the publishing world since 2011. But the basic concepts of finding a home for your writing haven’t changed; in fact, the opportunities today are greater than at any time since the invention of the printing press.

There’s a sort of writer’s find-a-publisher kit at the end of this document. The kit contains examples of queries for both fiction and non-fiction and a table that you can use to track the agents you contact. You can easily adapt the to publishers. The important thing is to do your research and don’t put anyone on that list that you know won’t be interested in you novel, book of poetry or short stories, or how-to book.

If you choose the self-publishing route, you’ll need to hire an editor. If you can’t afford one, at least get one or two friends to read your book and offer their insights. By the time you finish your book, you’re too used to it to be objective….and observant…enough to see some really big bloopers and mistakes that you’ll miss but others will see.

You can download the workshop by clicking here.

And good luck!

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