I, The Brandymark


Wrote this over 10 years ago for a collaborative exhibition between the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang writer’s collective and the Emerge artists collective. The writers wrote a short piece of no more than one page (though some ventured beyond the borders and into areas of madness when it came to assembling the art and the writing printouts) and they could be prose or poetry…or verbal rants using words and stuff.

The artists created visual art based on their interpretation of the written art. A few years later, we did the opposite (with the visual art produced first) and we all got each other back. 🙂

I used words and stuff in mine. It’s what I call a not-poem. What’s a not-poem? It’s defined somewhere in one of my blogs, but I think the best way to show you what it is would be to show you what it is.

Click here to read I, The Brandymark.

Click here, to order re:myth, Stories and Poems by the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang


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