72 Days of Serialized Hell: PART 2


I’ve written five novels, several novellas, tons of short stories, a few poems and hundreds of blog postings and articles in coffee shops. I have this thing about coffee: I love it. It gets my brain perking and gives me a sense of boldness with words and phrases that I don’t get when I write at home. I love everything coffee…including the morning coffee break, especially when I was working in government and the morning coffee break was practically in my job description.

In most places the morning coffee break is around 15 minutes of freedom from the grind…and this just happened to occur to me one evening while I sat in my favorite coffee shop playing with words. I’m not sure how many layers of inspiration, realization and revelation my mind raced through before I reached the horrifying conclusion that it was time for me to test my sanity as I had done in 2014 with a 31 day project that almost drove me nuts.

I quickly Googled a few things and came to another conclusion: no one had ever written the world’s first free daily serialized coffee break novel. No one. I was going to be the first. My eyes glazed over at the thought of eternal greatness, being remembered forever for something to do with coffee. And coffee breaks.

Of course, this is how I remember the occasion. I might disagree with myself at a later date.

So…there I was with an idea, a much hated novel (see Part 1) and a horrifying conclusion: I was going to do it all over again but, this time, for as many days as it would take me to serialize a novel.

Now, about the novel. I can’t say much because it’s a sort of mystery/family story/magical realism/humor/etc story that would fall flat on its face if you knew too much before reading it. Let’s just say that it’s about seven people who unknowingly share a stunning secret, something that will change their lives forever. But you don’t find out what it is until about halfway into the story…and then things get really weird.

Given the number of main characters, I decided to create a character profile PDF in case readers became confused and disoriented navigating their way through so many lead characters during their 15 minutes of reading. Click here to see it.

And now for the horrifying part: the novel naturally broke into 72 episodes. I shriveled inside. I barely survived 31 days…how was I going to make it through 72 days? I felt a deep pit in my stomach, a pit ending in a tight ball of existential fear. But, damn it, I was going to give the world its first free daily serialized coffee break novel, whether it drove me crazy or not.

To be continued….

Click here to read The Weekly Man.


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