Day 21 – The Cathedral and Bats…lots of bats

Church Big

This is Christ Church Cathedral, one of the most impressive buildings I’ve ever experienced. It’s in the middle of a beautifully treed plot of land across from a long stretch of riverside grass called The Green. The inside of this structure is pure calm. Reflection. A place where you can sit for hours and empty your mind of all the crap going on outside the walls. It builds a fortress of solitude around you and, for a while, you own yourself. You own your thoughts. The clarity of the moment takes your breath away with the absence of the noise that composes life outside the walls of this sacred place.

And it’s moment after moment after…


At night, hundreds, possibly thousands, of bats fly out of the belfry and buzz The Green for bugs. This brings back a few memories…

I used to party with a group of strange people.

We would get high (usually toward the end of a night of partying), go to The Green, lay down in the grass and wait. Within minutes, bats would fly over us, inches from our faces. They never touched us (us not being bugs and all), but one of the girls got bug splatter on her face from a messy kill one dark and batty night.

She said, “Eeyew.”

Just like that. “Eeyew.”

Another night, we were the batty ones (did I mention strange people?). We had a glow in the dark Frisbee and tried to toss it over the top of the cathedral. We almost got it a few times, but couldn’t quite reach the top, falling about a quarter inch (remember inches?) short. But it could have been more (We were pretty damn high). (It was mandatory back then.) (It should be mandatory now; the world might be a little less violent and messed up.) On the final throw…the Frisbee just disappeared in the air.

Not even a poof…it was just gone.

We didn’t find this strange at all. Just figured it had something to do with bats or God, and the bars were still open for last call and whoever, or whatever, snatched that Frisbee out of the air probably played with it instead of eating us.

So we went for the party.

It was always the party.

Better than being eaten by Frisbee stealing things in the night.