For several years, I’ve documented (with my camera, of course) a large part of the Freddie Beach arts community at exhibition launches, art talks and even in their studios and homes clicking like a madman mainlining coffee until they tell me to get the hell out.

One of these artists, Deanna Musgrave, has always been one of my favorites…and I think I’ve taken 58,424,398.5 pictures of her over the last six or seven years.

If you live in Freddie Beach or have visited this burg and you’ve been to Wilser’s (formerly the Tap Room) then you’ve seen one her pieces on the outside wall just as you through the door. It’s big, it’s red and it eats people. So don’t get too close to it.

I have one of her paintings on my living room wall that she gave me for being the MC at hers and Andrew’s wedding (Andrew is a brilliant musician and composer) even though I attacked several people sitting at a table close to me with my reading glasses.

Deanna has always wanted to do something big. Really big. A few years ago, she created Tropos, a huge multimedia mural that filled one of the galleries at the UNB Art Center. And I mean filled it. It was like walking into the gallery and finding yourself completely surrounded by art.

Yeah…that big…that cool.

But that wasn’t big enough. She wanted bigger, bigger and bigger. That big. And she got it.

It started with the UNB Art for New Spaces Committee choosing Deanna to create a mural for the Hans W. Klohn Commons on the Saint John campus. You can read more about it here…and see one of the 58,424,398.5 pictures I’ve taken of her over the last six or seven years.

It’s so big, she had to rent a warehouse to do it. The piece is eleven feet high and, get this, 56 feet long.

Warehouse big.

This big…


Like I said…big.