Write a Novel this Year


This is a two day weekend workshop designed to get you started writing your first novel. You’ll learn how to conceive an idea, shape and develop it and flesh it out into a full story. You’ll learn how to develop memorable characters, realistic settings and compelling plots. No experience is necessary…just your time and enthusiasm. You’ll also receive a free publisher/agent search kit and other tools that will help you find a publisher.

Based on over a decade of teaching workshops with the Maritime Writers Workshop and the UNB College of Extended Learning, the step-by-step approach taught in this workshop will ease you into the novel-writing process and show you how to keep the writing up until your novel is finished no matter how busy you are.

Date: February 9 – 10
Hours: 10 am to 1 pm (both days)
Fee: $95
Location: Studio4Ward, 184 Queen Street
Instructor: Biff Mitchell (www.biffmitchell.com)
For more info or to register, email: biff@biffmitchell.com



Writing Hurts Like Hell Two Day Weekend Writing Workshop

like-hellThe Writing Hurts Like Hell weekend workshop gives you the tools and techniques you need to start and finish a novel. You’ll learn how to overcome writer’s block, create memorable characters, develop a compelling plot and set up a writing regimen to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Based on ten years of teaching writing workshops, Writing Hurts Like Hell will lead you step-by-step through every phase of writing a novel. Classes will be held in various locations around the city. The techniques you’ll learn in this workshop can be applied to other forms of writing as well: poetry, creative journaling, business writing, short fiction, blogging, podcasting, screen writing, etc.

Instructor: Biff Mitchell
Location: Various (first meeting will be at Starbucks at the Regent Mall)
Time/Date: November 5 and 6 (10 am till 4 pm)
Price: $95. Payment is cash only. No cheques, promises or trades.
For more information or to enroll: biff@biffmitchell.com or leave a message at 455-2433. Please be sure to say your phone number twice, slowly and clearly.

Enrolment is limited 10 students. To take this workshop, you must enroll prior to the first day of the workshop. The workshop is currently held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Biff Mitchell is the author of five novels, dozens of short stories, novellas and poems, the bestselling eMarketing Tools for Writers, 2nd Edition and Writing Hurts Like Hell: How to Write a Novel When You Don’t Have Time to Write a Short Story.  Biff has been teaching writing workshops for 10 years including the Maritime Writers Workshop, the FogLit Literary Festival and the UNB College of Extended Learning on subjects ranging from science fiction and mystery writing, how to get published, how to write humor and how to write a novel. You can visit him at biffmitchell.com.