What the Hell

Nothing should ever be taken so seriously that you can’t laugh when the politically correct police aren’t around. And if they are? Well, maybe they need a laugh as well. I think there might be an article in here that delves into that. But maybe not.

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Zen and the Art of Chicken Wire

There is no Zen in chicken wire. The title is a lie. There is only pain and remorse in chicken wire. Chicken wire wants to take out your eyes. Chicken wire wants to scar your face and rip off an ear. Chicken wire will put tiny holes in your arms and legs, your wrists and ankles…and then it will shed micro bits of metal into your coffee…

Click here if you dare go further into the madness of chicken wire and art.

Just Re-released: Boston Jonson in Murder by Art

My new publisher is starting to reprint my Boston Jonson mysteries. This is the first one…set in Studio4Ward in downtown Freddie Beach right above Backstreet Records.

It’s 2060. In Backstreet Records, a brooding audiophile thinks murder. Upstairs at Studio4Ward where skulls, dreams and beer cans are the stuff of art, 300 pounds of human sculpture dangles dead from the wall.

Click here to see Boston Jonson solve another impossible murder.

Those Were the Days

Remember those days before COVID? What the world was like? What our lives were like? Remember all that? I don’t. I think I smiled once back then. I’m not sure, but I think I might have had a kitchen.

But those are just delirious musing about a world long gone.

Today we have….masks.

They seem to have replaced empty beer cans.

Here’s my take on that.

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Everyone Should Have a Sampler

I was thinking about a sampler book I bought in Winnipeg many years ago. It was five bucks but it had about 50 bucks worth of coupons to live theater, movies and other cool stuff. It was a way to get people familiar with the entertainment scene in the city.

And then I thought, artists should have samplers. We have websites, but you can just scroll madly down a PDF as opposed to the onerous job of clicking to a bunch of different pages. And it’s too easy to create links in the PDF for stuff the reader might want to check out in more detail.

So, this is the sampler put together (all done in Word).

Click here to download the sampler.