Day 9 – Time For A Little Humor

As both of you know, my photography can be a little devoid of humor. This is because I’m a very serious guy. Ask any of the people who would have been my friends if I weren’t so damn serious and they’ll tell you, “Yeah…that guy.” I think it comes from being dropped on my head when I was a baby.

Thanks, Dad.

Being devoid of humor can have its drawbacks. I don’t get invited to parties, but I do get invited to funerals. (You getting this, Dad?) They like to have me around to show everyone else the correct tone and appearance appropriate when people gather around because of a dead guy they all know. Just the sight of me makes their eyes spurt water so I try not to let them see me when their hands are full of those egg salad sandwiches they serve at weddings and funerals. When they see me, they know the dead guy is never coming back.

When I’m not at funerals, I teach a creative writing workshop that includes a class on how to write humor. I tell my students to bring out the family albums and write nasty captions on the pictures of loved ones, departed ones and ones they wish were departed. I tell them: At the heart of every successful joke something nasty has happened, and if you’re really close to the person to whom that nasty thing has happened…the funnier it is. And if that person is somebody you don’t like…it’s hilarious. And if that person is somebody you don’t like and they’re dead…you’re gonna laugh until you puke.

It works. Some of my writing students have gone on to be highly successful writers and funeral home directors.

So…where was I?

Right! The funny photo. Here it is:

Day 9 small

You may be wondering, “What the hell is so funny about this picture?” Well, take a closer look. See the little lever nob kinda thing? The blue one.See it? Well, instead of pulling it up to pour water, you have to push it down! Yeah! You have to push it down! Ha Ha Ha! And you thought you had to pull it up! Isn’t that just plain frickin’ hilarious!

“Hey Marvin…what’s taking you so long to pour that water?”

“I dunno. I’m pulling the lever up, but nothing’s happening. Maybe it’s just slow water.”

Entire office laughs. “Hey Marvin…pull it up harder!”

That really cracks me up. I’m going to go and puke now.

BTW, I missed photographing the full eclipse blood moon this morning. Ha Ha Ha!