Team Player has been re-printed.

Team Player was written when malware and associated nuisance software was just a small dot on the internet horizon. Shows how fast science fiction and cyberpunk can become historical fiction in a world rushing into the future. This was also a time when neutrinos were though to have no mass. But since then, they do. Go figure. Neutrinos with mass.

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The story is set in an uncomfortably close future where the world is run by homicidal marketing managers who kill for love, company, and the almighty promotion.

Aside from the talking brain cells and the rampaging neutrinos, the angry Italian ghosts and the Bolshevik computers…the thirty naked pagan women who save the universe with help from a man who thinks he’s a tree aside from all that: this story could actually take place in any global IT company headquartered in the tallest building in the world, which might be built as an amplified replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.