A Clean Well Lit Place


I’m not an expert on world cuisine but I know what I like. I know what makes my taste buds dance so wildly that people back away from me when they see my eyes spinning in their sockets and both sides of my smile shaking hands over my eyebrows. It’s unsettling and, fortunately for my friends’ ability to sleep at night, it’s rare.

But, unfortunately, most food tastes like salt, sugar or some chemical compound meant to recreate the taste of something that the creators of the compound never seem to have tasted. Restaurants can be an exception…along with meals we make from scratch. The problem is: The foods that don’t taste like food are the foods we equate with the flavor for those foods.

I’ve heard people say they don’t like the food in Cuba because it’s bland. Hey, welcome to the actual taste of pork, butter, ketchup, fish…you name it…without salt and sugar added to addict your taste buds to anything but the flavor of food.

The really sad part is that we get an unhealthy dose of sugar and salt, and whatever is in those chemical compounds that could, conceivably, turn our future generations into walking, talking belly pods.

Having said all this, I guess it’s time to get to the point: I found a restaurant in Ottawa that serves Mexican food without the stuff that hides the real taste. My daughter and son-in-law took me there, and apparently, you have to get there early. Which we did. In less than an hour, all the other tables were filled.


I’m not going to get into any attempt at describing the food from an culinary expert standpoint because I’m not a culinary expert, but if you’re in Ottawa, I would recommend trying the food at Ola Cocina.

(BTW, they didn’t pay me to write this. In fact, they don’t even know I’m writing this.)