A Picture a Day for a Month

This might shock most people who know me, but I don’t take enough pictures. I mean, when I do…I take a lot. Sometimes a thousand or more at one event. Apparently, this is small stuff for wedding photographers. But those people are in a whole different, and scary, world.

I don’t use my cameras every day. Sometimes I’ll go for a few days…even up to a week without using them.

And that really sucks.

I need to push myself a little more. Maybe a lot more. And this challenge that I’ve self-gauntleted is where I start.

I made a list of 31 pictures (yeah, October would have 31 days) I’m going to take. They’re not in any particular order because I don’t know what the weather will be like tomorrow let alone weeks from now. They cover a lot of things: indoor and outdoor portraits, off-camera flash in fields at night under a full moon, some HDR wilderness shots, shots stressing color and B&W, events, some street shots…lots of stuff.

Now, here’s where the challenge is: I have to do this every day. Every day. For a whole month. And I can’t just run outside and take a picture of the sky (although sunrise and sunset pics are on the list). I have follow a plan and…omg…learn something from all this.

But what’s to keep me from coming home tired from work and then having to rush off to teach a writing workshop or fulfill a sudden craving to drink a six-pack of beer?

This blog. That’s right. For all two of you who read this blog…I will be posting the picture I took that day at the end of the day along with some info about the image, like, why I took it, what I was trying to accomplish, et al.

And if you don’t see that picture that day, I know you’ll send me more hate mail.

So this Wednesday, the hell starts. I’ll be getting home from work and rushing off to M&T Deli to install pictures the wall space I’ll there for the next three months.

And maybe some of the images I take in this challenge will appear there.