Day 29 – You Can’t Poison a Boat

Right after I returned from a trip to Florence, I sold my motorcycle and bought art supplies. Florence can have the affect on you. But that’s a story for another time. All three lines of it.

I was living in Germany at the time and returned to Canada a few months after visiting Florence. First thing I did when I got back was to drop out of high school and enroll in a correspondence course in art through the Washington School of Art. I did really well on every assignment, but something seemed wrong. I sent them a piece that I knew was crap…that I’d deliberately made crap and got my highest mark ever.

I dropped out of the program.

Years later, I found that piece and thought…hmm…not so bad really. It was two dancers and, thoroughly blurred, but the rhythm of their movement was there. But I’d already dropped out of the program. So I burned the piece and went on to university to study English literature.

Wish I hadn’t done that.

But when I dropped out of high school, I was drawing and painting like crazy, filling sketch pads and canvases. And my favorite spot to go was a marina, where I’d sketch boats and trees and there was one stand of trees I especially liked and I tried to capture it in pencil, ink and water color, but I never quite got it right.

Just over a year ago, I came back to that stand of trees…with a camera. It was autumn and the trees were bare and, honestly, I don’t I could have arrived at a better time. Those bare trunks and branches were like a symphony of visual rhythm. And the symphony was echoed by its reflection in the water. I took pictures of it in the fall, throughout the winter and into the spring. I wanted to get this magical stand of trees all year round. However…

Did I mention marina?

Marinas have boats. Big ones. Big ones that block the view of beautiful stands of trees. All summer long. I thought about setting them on fire, but the flames might have damaged the trees. I didn’t have dynamite. Again, though, collateral damage. And I don’t know how to poison a boat. As much as I thought about it.

I have a picture of that stand of trees for sale at a the M&T Deli. I thought, take pictures of it in the fall. That’s when it’s the most amazing. And for as long as I’m in Freddie Beach that’s what I’m going to do.

And here’s the one I took today.

Lesson learned: You can’t poison a boat. I know this.

Stand of Trees