Biff Mitchell lives at the edge of the world. He has no life. He has no friends. Neighborhood children throw stones at his hovel. At night, Biff throws stones at his hovel.

Someday Biff plans to write a book about a man who lives in a hovel that is stoned daily by neighborhood children who—through some magical twist of events—turn into snowmen.

When Spring arrives, the man’s house melts.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I recently moved to Fredericton and was looking for a writing workshop and saw that I had missed your “Writing Hurts” through UNB. Will you be running the course again anytime soon? I am interested in taking it. Thank you.

    • Just found the button that leads to comments and I just saw this comment from you for the first time. Guess I missed the train on this one, but thank you for the thought. 🙂

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